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50 States in 50 Food Challenges

If you haven’t seen or at least heard about the nauseating exploits of Adam Richman on Man vs. Food, then you’re in for a shock. The show follows Adam as he eats his way across the country competing in America’s most outrageous food challenges. Who can forget the episode in Alaska, where Adam demolished *deep breath* 3 lbs of crab legs, 12 oz sausage, 2 oz salmon cakes, 6 oz loaded potatoes, 6 oz veggies, and chips in under an hour? Impressive stuff but we think even Richman would be shocked with some of these challenges.

Think you’ve got what it takes to plough through an 8 lbs grilled cheese sandwich? Or could you demolish a beef burger with all the trimmings, totalling a whopping 15 lbs in weight?

You too can now eat your way across the country with 50 states in 50 food challenges. We are about to take you on a hunger quest like never before. This takes indulgence to another level. And then some.

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