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The Chicken or The Egg Featured as One of America’s Best Spicy Eating Challenges by USA Today

From the article: It hurts just reading about America’s crazy spicy eating challenges. Spice lovers come from all over the land to Chx3test their mettle against plates of wings hot enough to require the servers to wear gloves. Some chefs and owners simply add tongue-scorching chiles to familiar dishes, while others diabolically keep adding layers of spicy ingredients to reach levels of pain tortuous enough to necessitate that diners sign a waiver. (Occassionally an ambulance has to be called.) From humble, small town eateries and big national chains to a flashy destination on the Las Vegas Strip, these culinary hangouts offer up some of the most daring — and painful — eating challenges in the world.

Summertime New Jersey favorite, Chicken or the Egg in Beach Haven, offers the Ludicrous Wings Challenge. It involves eating 12 jumbo-sized, habanero-infused chicken wings in 15 minutes or less. The wings are first breaded and fried (hot sauce is used to make the breading stick to the wings), then mixed with hot sauce, dried habanero and cayenne, “secret” spices, and an ultra-spicy habanero extract dubbed as “Devil’s Blood.” Those who complete the challenge get their picture on the wall of fame. See the whole list here

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